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Mainstream –

1. Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: A Lover of Humanity, Mainstream, Vol LIII No 32, 31 July 2015

2. Election Results in UK and the twin questions of Scotland and European Union, Mainstream, Vol LIII, No 21, May 16, 2015

3. Ambedkar And Constituent Assembly, Mainstream, Vol LIII, No 17, April 18, 2015

4. BJP’s Fall And Emergence Of Ethical Questions In Delhi Elections, Mainstream, Vol LIII, No 8, February 14, 2015

5. Nehru And His Views On Secularism, Mainstream, Vol LII, No 47, November 15, 2014

6. UP by-elections are a lesson for BJP, Mainstream, Vol LII, No 40, September 27, 2014

7. Modi Government deviates from historical stand on Palestine, Mainstream, Vol LII, No 31, July 26, 2014

8. Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magic Realism, Castro and Socialism, Mainstream, Vol LII No 19; May 3, 2014

9. Nelson Mandela: His Life, His Thoughts, Mainstream, Vol LII No 1, December 28, 2013 – Annual 2013

10. Mohan Dharia: Selfless political Life of a value-based personality, Mainstream, Vol LI, No 45, October 26, 2013

11. Message from a lady of exceptional courage, Mainstream, Vol LI, No 40, September 21, 2013

12. Hugo Chavez and new Socialism, Mainstream, Vol LI, No 13, March 16, 2013

13. History and Politics of Indian Presidents, Mainstream, Vol L, No 31, July 21, 2012

14. Youth, Image and Counter-Reaction: who managed better in UP?, Mainstream, Vol L No 13, March 17, 2012

15. Elinor Ostrom: Her Thoughts and Legacy, Mainstream, Vol L, No 28, June 30, 2012

16. Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: The World Needs More, Mainstream, Vol L, No 19, April 28, 2012

17. Pandit Nehru and His View of History, Mainstream, Vol XLIX, No 48, November 19, 2011

18. Challenges to Civil Society in India, Mainstream, Vol. Xlix, No 29, July 9, 2011

19. New Trends in International Politics: Emergence of authoritarianism in International behaviour, Mainstream, Oct. 25,2003

20. Nehru , Relevance in New Global Order, (Co Author) Mainstream, Nov. 29,2003

21. Consequences Of Iraq War: A Theoretical Perspective Of International Politics, (Co Author) Manistream, April 26, 2003

World Focus –

1. Indian Arctic Policy [In Hindi], World Focus Journal, Issue 25,Year 3, April 2014, Indian Economic Growth and RTA, World Focus, Vol. XXXV,NO.8, April 2014

2. Look West Policy: potential and challenges, World Focus, XXXVI, No. 04, April 2015

Other Articles –


1. INDIA CHINA cultural relations: background and prospects, CSSP Working Paper, May 2015,

2. Karl Marx and exploitation of India by Great Britain: First hand analysis, CSSP Working Paper, 9th March 2015

3. Karl Marx and his ideas about inequality, CSSP Working Paper , CSSP SERIES ON KARL MARX, March 2015, 9th March 2015

4. Patel, Nehru and National Unity Day, CSSP Working Paper, October 2014,

5. Disaster Management: What India Can Learn From Other Countries, CSSP Paper, May

6. India ASEAN Defense Relations [IN HINDI], CSSP Paper, May 2014,

7. Opium trade and conflict in Afghanistan, CSSP PAPER, June 2014,

8. M N Roy ; Neo Humanism and morality [in Hindi], CSSP Paper, May 2014,

9. Some people never die: Nikhil da, CSSP Working Paper, October 2013

10. Rio magic in Nagaland, CSSP Working Paper, March 2013

11. Gandhi and Corruption, October 2012,CSSP Working Paper, February 2013,

12. NAM: ITS RELEVANCE IN NEW GLOBAL ORDER An essay for contemporary world, CSSP Working Paper, 2012

13. India-China 1962 War and role of Nehru, CSSP Working Paper, April 2003,

International presentation/submission –


1. ‘Political Awareness And Democratic Processing- An Interactive, Unexplored Dimension’, 21ST World Congress of Political Science, Santiago, Chile July 12 to 16, 2009, submitted, available on web site.

2. ‘Neoliberal challenges to Indian social welfare system’, 16th Biennial Conference of the ASAA at University of Wollongong, Australia, June 2006, presented

3. ‘Role of inter-state conflict and cooperation in dealing terrorism in South Asia : A study of India’s response to Sri Lanka’s war with LTTE’ in Nordic South Asia conference University of Helsinki, Finland, May 2010, presented

4. ‘Peace architecture of South Asia, does key lie in India- Afghanistan positive relationships’ in 18th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, July 2010, Adelaide University, Adelaide, submitted

5. ‘Defining India and Sri Lanka relationship in post LTTE phase’ ( as co author) in 18th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, July 2010, Adelaide University, Adelaide, submitted

6. ‘South Korea Foreign Policy Dynamics’ World Congress, Incheon, South Korea, August 23-25, 2011, submitted, available on web site

7. Globalization, regional economic cooperation and inequalities in South Asia 22-25 November, 2011 at annual NIAS Stockholm University, Sweden, submitted, available on website.

8. Soft Power And Soft Diplomacy: Nature , Comparison And Impact ,Paper presented for 7th Annual NNC conference and PhD Course The Power of Knowledge: Asia and the West 4-8 November 2013 University of Southern Denmark, Campus Sønderborg, Denmark, submitted , available on web site

9. Structural Transformation and Generation of Inequality at ground level: A South Asian experience with focus on India, South Asia in Transformation: World of Slums,Global Power Houses or Utopias?
 Migration, labour, and family changes in a dynamic region,20-22 May 2015, in Lund, Sweden, submitted , available on web site

10. India South Korea: How To Build A Positive Future Trajectory, The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society 2013,Korea University, Seoul,22- 23rd August 2013,available on KPSA site

11. South Korea’s Foreign Policy Dynamics Towards South Asia,Paper presented for World Congress for Korean Politics and Society 2011,Korean Political Science Association,Incheon Songdo, South Korea ,23 August, 2011 – 25 August, 2011, available on KPSA site

12. South Korea’s South Asia Policy: Does It Need Revision?,Bridging the Gap: The Promise of Politics in a Polarized and Fragmented World,August 25–27, 2015, Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

Countercurrents –


1. Nepal Earthquakes and Global Warming,26 April, 2015

2. US Empty Rhetoric In GLACIER Conference,03 September, 2015

3. Wikipedia’s remaining authenticity at stake,02 July, 2015,Countercurrents.org

4. Interpreting the demonstration at Garmisch-Partenkirchen,07 June, 2015

5. Why Is next Ambedkar needed?: A Time For Reflection,14 April, 2015,Countercurrents.org

6. Killing of Boris Nemtsov Has relevance for World Politics,01 March, 2015,Countercurrents.org

7. Budget 2015 : a step towards inequality,01 March, 2015

8. Women of the World: Unite!,30 May, 2014,Countercurrents.org

9. How power holders failed Gandhi,02 October, 2014

10. Climate Summit needs new philosophy of humanity for solution,24 September, 2014,Countercurrents.org

11. Climate Justice to Uttarakhand people,18 September, 2013,Countercurrents.org

12. Where We Fail: Can C N R Rao not be an icon of Indian students?,21 November, 2013,Countercurrents.org

13. India should pay attention to what Narayana Murthy says,17 July, 2015,Countercurrents.org

14. Honour killing in South Asia,29 June, 2014,Countercurrents.org

15. HRD ministry and issue of right selection,28 May, 2014,Countercurrents.org

16. Racism in USA:Psychology and perception fail the system,20 June, 2015,Countercurrents.org

17. What we want from our members of Legislatures,19 February, 2014,Countercurrents.org

18. Landslide Victory of AAP has many meaning :a corruption free, coercion free India,10 February, 2015,Countercurrents.org

19. US may change its Baltic-East Europe policy: military strength may increase,15 June, 2015,Countercurrents.org

20. Hong Kong democracy protest demands real democracy, 30 September, 2014,Countercurrents.org

21. Convicted politicians and decline of political morality,03 October, 2013,Countercurrents.org

22. NATO Wales summit gives dark and limping hopes,08 September, 2014,Countercurrents.org

23. What the country needs from CPM: A new programme of action,19 April, 2015,Countercurrents.org

24. Politics of sanitation:political failure and people’s movement,07 October, 2013,Countercurrents.org

25. Defeat of resolution on Palestine highlights the real issue,02 January, 2015,Countercurrents.org

26. Crony Capitalism and failed sports morality: a case of BCCI,25 November, 2014,Countercurrents.org

27. Supreme Court decision on coal scam emphasizes need of more vigilant citizens,28 September, 2014,Countercurrents.org

28. BRICS Bank is first step towards New International Economic Order [NIEO],18 July, 2014,Countercurrents.org

29. Right to reject :indian judiciary guides to executive,29 September, 2013,Countercurrents.org

30. Why is USA so much interested in Ukraine,18 March, 2014

31. Bokaro Rape Case: India needs to abolish all illegal bodies,11 July, 2014,Countercurrents.org

32. Report on Putin shows poor thinking level of USA,08 February, 2015,Countercurrents.org

33. Supreme Court decision on section 66A lays the basis of fifth pillar of democracy,25 March, 2015,Countercurrents.org

34. Riots In America show inner contradictions of US Society: deprived people must forge unity,21 August, 2014 Countercurrents.org

35. People of the world needs to cooperate as U.S.A fails in World Leadership,12 June, 2014,Countercurrents.org

36. G20 Economic Meet gives clue for for the future,11 September, 2013,Countercurrents.org

37. No one has right to kill the innocent ones in Gaza,31 July, 2014,Countercurrents.org

38. Inequality in American Society: need for reservation in real terms for depressed section,04 December, 2014,Countercurrents.org

39. What ails India? L N Misra case decision and Raju, Yadav are just symptom,10 December, 2014,Countercurrents.org

40. Inhuman attack on UN School by Israel: UN must develop Standing Peacekeeping Force,03 August, 2014,Countercurrents.org

41. Not Stoltenberg but disbanding of NATO is the answer,23 April, 2014,Countercurrents.org

42. Political realities need to be tempered with faith in Human Rights:Lesson from Sri Lankan election,09 January, 2015 Countercurrents.org

43. Failure Of National Integration Council: fault dear Brutus lies in ourselves,26 September, 2013,Countercurrents.org


1. SAARC And Its Reasons of Non Performance In Social Science Research Book [ Samaj Vigyan Shodh Patrika] (Co Author) , Vol.III,No. 1,April-September,2003

2. What made BJP turn to Ambedkar, आंबेडकर की ओर क्यों देख रही है भाजपा?, 2 September, 2015 FORWARD PRESS, www.forwardpress.in