Dr. A. K. Verma completed his tenure at the department of political science, Christ Church College, Kanpur on 30 June 2015. He took over as Director CSSP.

His current researches focus on government and politics in India with special reference to Uttar Pradesh (UP). His theses of ‘social osmosis’ and ‘reverse social osmosis’ offers new theoretical explanations to the exclusionary and inclusive politics in UP since 1989 and thereafter. He was invited by several universities, including Harvard, to present his theses.

He writes for both English and Hindi Press. He assisted in the preparation of the New Generation of NCERT Text Books for Political Science (Indian Constitution at Work). Since 1999, he is the State Coordinator of Uttar Pradesh at Lokniti, CSDS and is involved with the National Election Studies (NES) in India.

Dr. Verma is the Editor of Shodharthy – a Hindi Journal of Social Sciences. He had appeared on Television programmes and delivered Radio Talks at home and abroad. (Detail CV)


Honorary fellow

Prof. Pradeep Chhibber, UCL, Berkeley, USA

Prof. Robin Jeffery, NUS, Singapore

Visiting Fellow

Prof. Amiya kumar Chaudhury, Maulanan Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Dr. Binda Paranjpe (BHU)

Dr. Mirza Asmer Beg (AMU)

Dr. Sudhir Kumar (PU)

Dr. Aditya Kumar (BU)

Dr. Sanjay Kumar (KU)


Vice Chairman

Dr. Vivek Kumar 

He is involved in teaching and research. He has presented his works work in Australia, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, Sweden etc. He is focused on International Relations and Foreign Policy, South Asia, Indian Politics, Political Economy, Development Economics mainly inequality and related issues, Global Environment etc.


Research Assistants

Pankaj Kumar

Kamal Kumar Srivastava

Poonam Rai