CSSP Ethical workshop

Online Workshop: Ethical Issues in Survey Research & Research Writing

The current research environment all over the world has become ‘Ethical Centric’. That means scholars, higher education institutions, Journals and Regulatory agencies are becoming alert to ‘unethical practices by scholars. That is due to the growing tendency to adopt short-cuts and bad practices in social science research in various disciplines by many researchers. Due to internet, access to almost all the universities, journals and libraries and their e-contents has become very easy. The cut-paste culture has added to the magnitude of academic theft and plagiarism despite several universities using the ‘anti-plagiarism’ software. Similarly, the empirical research and fieldwork has seen many unethical practices for creating, distorting and manipulating data and drawing conclusions to suit one’s predilections. All that may escape attention today, but it can create problems for researchers and scholars tomorrow.

To create awareness and guide budding scholars to adopt ethical norms in fieldwork and research writing, the CSSP is organising Two-days’ Workshop on 30-31 January 2023 as follows –

  1. Ethical Issues in Survey Research – 30 January (3PM – 6PM)
  2. Ethics in Research Writing – 31 January (3PM – 6PM)

All are welcome to join. (Click here to register)

Click here to register

If you have any queries, please contact –

  • Sanjay Kumar, Programme Coordinator (8858378872)
  • Dharmendra Pratap Srivastava, Assistant Director (Academic) (9140552409)
  • Kamal Kumar Srivastava, Research Assistant (9721990988).