Caste Census in Bihar and it’s Political fall out

20 October 2023, 4 pm

Caste is a structural reality of Indian society. We have lived with both caste and casteism. These castes are arranged in hierarchical order. There is a history of caste discrimination and even untouchability that was abolished by the Constitution. Caste continues to influence politics in India even today. The lower castes viz. scheduled Castes and ‘other backward castes’(OBCs) have been given reservation by the constitution.

The last caste census was held in 1931 and, thereafter, only scheduled castes had been counted. There has been a demand to count OBCs as well. Some state governments did go far caste census but did not make the data public. Bihar had recently done caste census and shared some data leading to demand for a nationwide caste census.
We propose to understand why caste census is needed? How a new caste census would alter governmental policies towards various marginalised caste groups? How the so-called upper castes would be placed with what consequences? Will this lead to the fragmentation of Indian society or lead towards better social justice? How could it restructure Indian politics and society in the future?
To address these and other questions, the CSSP is organising a talk-cum-panel discussion on 20 October 2023 (Friday) at 4 pm. All are welcome.

Resource Person

  • Prof R K Verma, Secretary, IIPA, Bihar Reg. Branch, Patna
  • Prof Saroj Verma, Ex Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Jay Prakash University Chhapra, Bihar

Auspicious Presence

  • Dr A K Verma, Director, CSSP, Kanpur


  • Prof Sanjay Kumar, Coordinator, CSSP, Kanpur

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  • Dr Dharmendra Pratap Sriavastava, Assistant Director (Acad), CSSP, Kanpur, 9140552409
  • Kamal Kumar Srivastava, Research Assistant, CSSP, Kanpur, 97219 90988