CSSP Talk-cum-Discussion

Date TopicResource Person ImageYoutube Link
22 December 2023Analyzing Recent State Assembly Election VerdictProf Shashikant Pandey
Prof Afroz Alam
Dr Rahul Verma
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17 November 2023Israel-Hamas War and Current World SituationProf Chandra Mohan UpadhyayClick here
02 October 2023गाँधी : चिर प्रासंगिक या स्मृति शेष Prof Satish Rai
Prof Uday Tripathi
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20 October 2023Caste Census in Bihar and Its Implications Prof R K Verma
Prof Saroj Verma
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13 September 2023Ghosi Bye -Poll and Its Implications for 2024 LS ElectionsProf Girish Chandra Pandey
18 September 2023G-20 Indian Presidency -Expectations and Challenges Achievements Prof T P Singh
Prof Aslam Khan
Prof Sarika Dubey
Dr Saurabh Mishra
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19 August 2023Manipur : What's Happening and Why Prof Minindro Laiton
Prof Jyotiraj Pathak
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10 July 2023Maharashtra Imbroglio : New Trends in Indian Politics Prof Jitendra Narayan Click here
7 June 2023Karnataka Assembly Polls and Implications for Lok Sabha Election 2024Prof Sandeep Shastri Click here
20 May 2023U.P. Urban Civic Polls 2023 Dr Rahul Verma Click here
14 April 2023Future of Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh Mr Arvind Kumar Click here
22 March 2023Rajya Sabha, Regional Parties and Federalism Dr Deepti Chaturvedi Click here