A Grammar Of Professional Politics Dr. A K Verma)

Book Release: A Grammar of Professional Politics

The Director, CSSP, Dr A K Verma’s latest book ‘A Grammar of Professional Politics: Enter Politics, Win Elections’ was released on 27 March 2022. It’s a book written for an ordinary Indian who wants to enter politics and serve the society but does not know how to do that? In One hundred chapters, the book deals with all those issues and problems that agitate political aspirants from village to the national level. The book received good international reviews. Here are some-

Prof Pradeep Chhibber (University of California, Berkeley):

“Enlightening! This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Indian politics, either as a citizen or a career. This comprehensive view, written by a master, covers all the essentials in simple, straightforward language.”

Prof K C Suri (Hyderabad University):

“…an unusual and welcome work. Probably, this is the first one of its kind in India… It is a handbook of democracy, parties, elections and a manual of political skills essential for leaders in building political support, forming a party, fighting political opponents, managing differences and factions, communicating effectively, conducting a campaign and winning an election.”

Prof Robin Jeffery (National University of Singapore):

“This delightful book deserves to be translated into every Indian language.”

Prof Gopa Kumar (Former Vice Chancellor, Kerela Central University):

“The concepts, ideas, vocabularies and terms are defined in a subtle and simple form which is the beauty of this work.”

Prof Sandeep Shastri (Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lake City University, Bhopal):

“In these 100 essays, Dr Verma undertakes a masterly analysis of the intellectual, moral and political equipment that is needed to enter electoral politics and make a bid to win an election.”

Prof Brian Minn (University of Michigan, USA):

“Drawing upon a lifetime of experience and wisdom, Dr Verma provides an eminently useful and practical guide for all aspiring political leaders. For those who seek to enter professional politics, this is essential reading.”

The CSSP organised an interactive session with the author of the book on 12 April 2022. Here is the link –


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