Workshop on Research Paper Writing

Workshop on Research Paper Writing’
28-29 September 2023, 4pm-8pm
The ‘Centre for the Study of Society and Politics (CSSP) is organising an online research workshop on ‘Writing Research Papers’ on 28-29 September 2023.
It has been observed that university/college teachers and researchers face genuine problems in producing quality research papers especially in peer-reviewed, CARE listed or internationally acclaimed journals. The CSSP has taken various steps for making positive intervention in minimising that problem. We are organising two-day online workshop (28-29 September 2023) to train social science scholars/teachers in the techniques of writing quality research papers.
We have roped in some of the best experts on the subject.
After the Workshop, you would be able to know the following –
What is Research Paper?
• Types of Research Papers
• How to select the Topic? 
• How to formulate a Research Question?
• How to Structure a Research Paper?
• Stages in Research Paper Writing
• References, End Notes or Foot Notes
• Ethical Issues in Writing
• Why Journal Editors reject your Paper?
Special emphasis will be made on solving problems faced by participants in conceptualising and actual writing of research papers. Guidance will be provided for publication and selection of journals.
The last date for registration is 27th September 2023.
To Register Click here
  • E-certificates will be issued to participants.
  • Registration Fee is Rs 700/- (Rupees Seven Hundred Only).
  • A zoom link will be sent to each participant.
  • A WhatsApp group of participants will be formed where information related to workshop will be shared.
For any queries, contact –
  • Prof Sanjay Kumar, Programme Coordinator (8858378872)
  • Dr Dharmendra Pratap Srivastava, Asst. Director (Academic) (9140552409)
  • Mr. Kamal Kumar Srivastava, Research Assistant (9721990988)