CSSP talk-cum-Discussion on Manipur

19 July 2023, 4 pm

The CSSP Talk-cum-Discussion on ‘Manipur Imbroglio’ was held on 19 August. It went for three hours (4-7 pm) Prof Muhindro Laiton from Manipur was the Main Speaker. He threw light on the concept of ‘Lebensraum’ that is at the root of the ethnic conflict. He very comprehensively discussed the origin, topography, demography, pores border with Myanmar, complex issues of poppy cultivation and narco-terrorism, and complicity of all those in ‘Power’ since independence that has complicated the Manipur issue.
Prof Jyotiraj Pathak from Bodoland University, Assam referred to the VIth  Schedule of the Constitution and suggested that various ethnic aspirations may be accommodated on the lines of Assam by modifying the federal arrangement in the state to bring peace in Manipur.
Dr Anu Singh wanted to know why women are targeted on occasions of ethnic or communal or any other conflict? Prof Jitendra Narayan very lucidly argued that women are the honour of every family, every group and community. By insulting them, the other rival group tries to demean the honour of the entire community or group.
A very interesting discussion followed. Dr Dharmendra Pratap Srivastava raised many issues while summing up and hoped that as pointed out by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi peace will soon return to Manipur.
Dr. AK Verma expressed the need for the restoration of confidence in the multi-ethnic population of Manipur and the need for fencing the Myanmar International border. The discussion was enriched by Prof. A K Sharma (IIT-K), Prof Sandhya Chaturvedi, Bangaluru, Prof Sanjay Kumar(Lakhimpur Kheri), Dr Ganesh Prasad (Bahraich), Ganga Ram (Nainital), Vikas Bhola (Shimla), Pooja Rao(BHU), Richa Rajpur(Jiwaji University), Dr Richa Singh and many others.

For those who missed it, the link is available on YouTube- to see click on the image