Sampling Issues in Empirical Research

Researchers undertaking empirical research face an acute problem at the outset – that of sampling. Where to go? Whom to approach? Why chose a respondent and ignore others? They also face problem regarding the size of the sample. What should be their sample size? What are the factors that determine the size of the sample? What are various types of sampling? How to make sampling representative? What is sampling error and so on.

To discuss these problems, the CSSP is organising an online two-days ‘Workshop on ‘Sampling in Empirical Research’ on 28-29 August 2023.

After the Workshop, you will be able to learn the following –

  1. What is census and sample?
  2. What is sampling frame?
  3. Why we should do sampling?
  4. What are various types of sampling design?
  5. What are various criteria for selecting sampling procedure?
  6. What should be the size of the sample?
  7. What is Sampling Frame
  8. Sampling Theories
  9. What is Random Sampling?
  10. What is Random Table?
  11. What is stratified random sampling?
  12. How to make your sample representative? And why?
  13. How to do random and stratified random sampling correctly.
  14. What is sampling error? What is the non-sampling error? Etc.

To Register : Click here

  • E-certificates will be issued to participants.
  • Last Date for Registration –27 August 2023
  • Registration Fee is Rs 700/- (Rupees seven hundred only).
  • A Zoom link will be sent to each participant.
  • A WhatsApp group of participants will be formed where information related to the workshop will be shared.

For any queries, contact –

  • Dr Sanjay Kumar, Programme Coordinator (8858378872)
  • Dr Dharmendra Pratap Srivastava, Asst. Director (Academic) (9140552409)
  • Kamal Kumar Srivastava, Research Assistant (9721990988)